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Blog Post 1

Hi guys, welcome to my first post! I have just started to follow most of the classes blogs, and I cannot wait to see what everyone posts. For my RSS reader, I use Feedreader Online to make sure I can keep up with everyone’s new blogs that they post. Even though I have not used this very much, it has been beneficial to my when I want to see who has posted what. I have not yet subscribed to any blogs outside of the class, but hopefully soon I will.

I love to get news updates about what is going on in Australia; more specifically, the wildlife there. So, I have subscribed to the Australia Zoo’s weekly newsletter to stay updated. I love getting see all that they are doing there to preserve the wildlife through this tough time. I have also subscribed to The Skimm. What they do is send out daily, nonpartisan, updates about what is happening in the political scene. It is a very helpful site because this way, you do not feel overwhelmed by both side telling you which way to vote. They simply give you the information necessary on both parties and leave it at that.

I am so excited for this class and I cannot wait to see how much we learn!


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