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Blog Post 2

Hello again everyone! Thank you for coming back for my second blog post. This week’s topic is: what i’ve learned in MCOM 2313 since our last blog. We have done everything under the sun from video editing to putting on a fake broadcast. We’ve explored different concepts of video and camera usage. At first, all of this was very overwhelming, and now, it’s still overwhelming, but I am learning how to manage. This class is pushing my time management skills in a good way. Hopefully, this class will help me when I go into my future career, whatever that may be.

One thing I have really enjoyed about this class is the video and audio editing. If I am being honest, I thought I was going to hate it. But, this class has proved me wrong. While doing the Final Cut Pro activities, I had a great time and actually had some fun, which was unexpected. I have played around with Audacity and it is super easy to use! I have never done anything like this before, and it seems to come pretty easily. While doing the audio interview, I was able to edit without seeking help from others. 

The one part that I am having the most trouble with is the workbook pages. I am not very good at reading comprehension, so it’s been a little difficult. The best part about these is the fact that we go over them in class together. But I know that these are going to be very helpful for when we go out and start using the equipment. I cannot wait to operate the camera for our field shooting later this semester. 

This class has been great so far and I am excited to see what we do next! Thank you all for subscribing to my blog. See you next time!


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