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Blog Post 3

Welcome back, amigos! Glad you took the time to visit my blog again. Shout out to those of you subscribed to my blog, even if you were forced to follow, it still means a lot! Wow, these past two weeks since the last post have been crazy. I have done so much, not only in this class, but in my others as well. Working for a Mass Communications degree has been harder than I anticipated. But it hasn’t been a bad experience, which is great!

These past few weeks in MCOM 2313 have been really fun. We’ve done a TON of practice with the cameras, which is great. I have enjoyed our “simulations” of the newsroom. It is so cool to have the opportunity to be able to see what the real thing is like. Working the cameras is probably my favorite job out in the studio. While I enjoy being the talent, I prefer to not have my face on screen. Overall, though, my favorite job has been the Switcher. I don’t know why, but being able to control when and how everything is shown on screen is super fun for me. It might be my inner perfectionist, since I need everything to go smoothly and be in the right place. I was able to retain the information on how it works really easily, which definitely helped. I thought that being the switcher was going to be boring, but boy was I wrong (wow that’s nerdy). Moral of the story: I am the Switcher Queen. 

I nervously anticipate the commercial and 10 minute shows. I know they are going to be super fun, but the thought of them is really daunting. I am most anxious about the live filming of the 10 minute show. Now I know that it’s still a ways away, but it doesn’t make it any less scary.

In my next blog, I’ll be talking about lighting, which is super exciting! I cannot wait for y’all to come back and read it. See ya soon!


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