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Blog Post #6

Well this is it guys! My last blog post of the semester. Somehow this semester was the longest and shortest one ever. Probably has something to do with a global pandemic or something. This has been such a wild ride. I’m really sad that I’ll probably never have a class with any of y’all every again 😦 since I’m changing majors.

I honestly have no idea what to write about for this. since nothing has really happened. I guess this’ll just be a goodbye post. To my fellow class mates: thank you. Y’all are absolutely nuts, but you made the class worth while. I’ve really enjoyed getting to be with all of you. We were a small bunch, but that made it even better.

I have to shout out my girl Holly for always answering my questions (and I have lots so she had it rough). I was always confused, but you helped me with all that. So thank you!

Dr. Matthews, this class was a lot of work, but it was mostly fun work so that was nice. You made it enjoyable and somehow managed to teach all 11 of us who are going in a billion different directions, which is very impressive.

Thank you all for the wonderful semester. See you soon!


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